Gas Turbine Exhaust Stack FS7EA


At Schock we believe, that if you are going to handle the violent flow, temperature, and run conditions from a natural gas turbine, do it with experience and state of the art Engineering practices. We do not market our products and solutions for all...

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Gas Turbine Exhaust Baffles


Schock Manufacturing specializes in Gas Turbine Exhaust Baffles. We design and completely fabricate in our wholly owned shop in the Central US (Tulsa, OK). We are constantly improving design, fabrication, and installation techniques to make any upgrades...

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Gas Turbine Exhaust Silencers


Inspecting and upgrading Exhaust Side Silencer panels is an after thought for most. Each Plant has so many expenses when it comes to maintaining the equipment for the ability to run the GT. Particularly for Peaking units, the exhaust system is often...

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Gas Turbine Exhaust Stack


Schock just completed another complete 501D Exhaust System. We have been working with the Power Plant for several years, and like many, they had significant budget restrictions. We began helping with some emergency internal liner repairs, but unfortunately...

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Gas Turbine Exhaust


Each Gas Turbine Exhaust can be unique regardless of the size or OEM. Schock just completed (2) FS7B Vertical Exhaust systems from the ground up. The challenges started with the design. There are very few straight up FS7B's in North America (a dozen...

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(2) Frame Size 7B Vertical Exhausts


Schock is on the tail end of (2) complete FS7B Vertical Exhausts. We only know of a dozen or so of this configuration in the US. When Exhausting the 7B straight up, it requires a standard Exhaust Plenum, but that is where the common ground ends. The...

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Exhaust Stack Upgrade


Schock completed liner and exhaust silencer upgrades on (3) FS7F Units recently. We will evaluate your existing system and determine the best way to safely upgrade considering outage time, overall cost, and many other considerations.  The gas turbine...

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Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems


Some OEM's and Plant Designers think of the Gas Turbine Exhaust System as an afterthought. So much time, effort and money goes into the GT and Intake Systems to condition the inlet air. At Schock we know that if the  Exhaust System is carefully designed,...

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