Gas Turbine Expansion Joints

Custom Designed for GT Inlet Ducts, HRSGs and Simple Cycle Exhausts

Gas Turbine Expansion Joint

We offer a wide variety of custom designed Gas Turbine Equipment EXPANSION JOINTS for Air Intakes, as well as HRSG and simple cycle Exhaust applications. We stock materials for quick delivery.

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  1. Schock Expansion Joint Advantages

    • Proprietary High-Temp Outer Flexible Element
    • Rugged Internal Flow Shields
    • “Drop In” Designs, with Frames or Belt only
    • PTFE Composite Belts
    • EPDM and Neoprene Belts for Low Temperature
    • Integrated or Stand-Alone Systems
    • Systems for Highly Corrosive Environments
    • Custom Designed for your Application
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  2. Installation Advantages

    • “Drop In” Designs with Hard Flanges
    • All Hardware Included
    • Pre-Compressed for Easy Installation
    • Installation Instructions and/or Field Assistance
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