Gas Turbine Exhaust Ducting

Gas Turbine Exhaust Duct

Gas Turbine Exhaust Plenums

Whether your gas turbine exhaust plenum assembly is a FS3, 5, 6, 7 or 9E let Schock show you the latest in Plenum Assembly technology. Our liner system has been carefully designed to handle the cyclical temperature and flow fluctuations. In addition, our flex seal designs have proprietary insulation backing to reduce the compartment temperatures.

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Gas Turbine Exhaust Silencer Duct

First and foremost our gas turbine exhaust silencer ducting is designed to work as a complete system with our Baffle arrangement. We design them to minimize pressure drop, fully support our baffle design, and make it quick and easy for the installation crews.

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Gas Turbine Exhaust Stack

If you are in need for a Gas Turbine Exhaust, Schock will work with your team for a "ground up" design to eliminate self generated noise, reduce pressure drop, and make the access convenient for inspection. We can also help with specification development, and creating an SOW for a repair or complete replacement.

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Gas Turbine Exhaust Baffles

The "wear" part in an Exhaust system is typically an Gas Turbine Exhaust Baffle. The flow degrades the internal fill overtime, and the thermal cycles try to "rip" the framing apart. Schock has the experience to apply lessons learned and introduce the most advanced products to the market.

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Gas Turbine Exhaust Expansion Joint

Our Schock Gas Turbine Exhaust Expansion Joint belts and assemblies are custom designed for each application. Our frames are designed and proven with Finite Element Analysis. Our belting assemblies are designed with redundant protective layers and are easy to install in a short outage.

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Gas Turbine Exhaust Diffuser

Schock has taken a conservative approach to the maintenance of hundreds of OEM supplied Gas Turbine Exhaust Diffusers. Schock has refined the internal liner design, and eliminated the weaknesses that cause insulation degradation. We can supply a complete Exhaust Diffuser, or re-insulate and re-line yours in place.

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